His Name Is…

 I’m writing to my brothers and sisters in Christ…
If you’re breathing you’re having some form of a battle…from loneliness, sickness, disease, depression, fighting in a war….we are at war!!!!
You are not alone!!!
I think about the children who are hungry and afraid struggling on the streets or in an abandoned shack somewhere! I think about the elderly stuck away in a nursing home alone, afraid, their families no longer come to see about them! I think about those in a far off third world country with no medicine or even clean water to drink!!! I think about the single parents struggling to keep food on their tables and a roof over their family’s heads. I think about the business person who is so stressed out wondering how to make all the plates they’re spinning keep from crashing and crumbling around them. There is no hope in self…there is only hope in one!
His name is Jesus; Yeshua, (Son of God, Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, Great I AM, The Beautiful Rose of Sharon, Lion of Judah, Lamb that was slain, Bright and Morning Star, Adonai, Elohim, YHWH, Jehovah, Abba, Beginning, Bread of Life, Ancient of Days, Christ, Branch, Bridegroom, Breath of Life, Carpenter, Shepherd, Comforter, Consolation of Israel, Corner Stone, Creator, Day Spring, Deliverer, Door, Dwelling Place, End, Faithful and True, Friend, Gentle Whisper, Gift of God, Governor, Guide, High Priest, Hiding Place, Hope, Husband, JAH, Jealous, Judge, Just One, King, Life, Messiah, Nazarene, Teacher, Refuge, ROCK, Ruler of Israel, Savior, Seed, Servant, Shield, Song, Spirit, Wall of Fire, Way, Wisdom, Witness, Wonderful, Word, YAH!!!)
I could stop writing right here…there is such a message in just the names of God…Oh but will we listen…will we see and hear? Read them OUT LOUD!!! You will be blessed. Then pray for others, pray for your loved ones, your friends and your neighbors the nations and our world!
We have so very much to be thankful for I say we, but it is personal, I have so much to be thankful for.
I have food to eat, a comfortable place to live and sleep. I have a husband who I adore and who adores me. We will have tests and trials in our lives but we are not alone!
Soldiers have to keep marching, keep serving, keep fighting and they never leave their fellow soldiers alone wounded on the battlefield! Yes we are in a war the war for our souls. The war for our families, and friends, and neighbors!
Don’t give up…
Don’t be discouraged! Remember this one thing….God loves you, he loves you so much!!! You may say how can God love me and yet all these horrible things happen? We have an enemy, dear friend and he holds no punches, he is a weapon of mass destruction, but, his days are numbered. Read the end of the book WE WIN!!!!!
Keep your eyes focused on our HOPE and when you find yourself weakening just say his Names out loud! He is closer than a heartbeat!!!!
God bless and keep you always!
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son,
That whosoever believes in him, would not perish, but have ever-lasting life!!!” John 3:16
~Marla Shaw O’Neill August 28, 2013
I love the Lord Jesus Christ and am passionate about writing. I hope you enjoy the blog and come to visit often. Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry. “Behold the proud, His soul is not upright in him; But the just shall live by his faith. Habakkuk 2: 2-4
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